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Good design changes how something looks. Great design elevates how someone feels.

By transforming design thinking into feeling, we enhance lives. Our brand
experiences are crafted to make tasks easier, laughter more contagious, and
conversations more rewarding. And we do with a little help from Mother Nature.
Hello, we’re Headless Hippies.

Headless: Design that aims at the heart
Hippies: Solutions that are inspired by Nature

Branding & Identity

Our brand identity design solutions are strong design outcomes of brand insights, values and vision of a brand that is communicated in the most simplest form to its consumers.

Film & Animation

Our Films & Animation comes with the blend of unconventional styles & mediums of execution backed by research making it a beautiful tapestry of art and storytelling. We produce brand videos, short films, music videos, motion graphics and web animations.

Design & Strategy

We don’t design brands. We design experiences by narrating brand stories that connect with the people which makes the brand rememberable.


We believe that a good design doesn’t just evoke, but also informs the consumers of what they are buying. Our packaging design is a medium that creates that last mile experience for the brands.

UX and UI

We integrate and sync brand language to brands digital experiential touch points like websites and apps. We believe users are at the centre of every design.


We believe in the power of great visuals to communicate the brand thoughts and carry the story ahead strongly. Unbound by styles and mediums we develop the visual language for brands striking balance with art and function. Book covers, stories, comics, editorial and web illustrations are our areas of excellence.


We design sensitive and intuitive campaigns that connect with the consumers by transforming brand strategies and understanding real user needs.

Children's Book Design

We love to bring alive the child in us with innocent and fun filled expressions of art & storytelling. We share the responsibility of shaping the future and what not but book design for children being the first and foremost medium. We love to do Picture books, story books, preschool books & game design.

People. Process. Product. In that order.

To give brands more meaning, we design around the people who use them.

The beginning’s always a great place to start. That’s why we circle back to the consumer’s need for the product, how it’s used, how it’s made, and finally, how it can be made better.At Headless Hippies, we look at brands holistically to ensure that our design solution contributes to the brand narrative and answers the consumers’ need. Simply put, everyone wins

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The heads behind the Headless Hippies
A young team of design thinkers that thinks more from the Heart and less from the Head. Perhaps that's why our brand stories are engaging and more relatable.

Vibin K Venugopal

Co-Founder, Design Thinker

Vishnu Das

UX/UI Designer

Sudiksha S

UX/UI Designer

Abhilash K

Co-Founder, Film & Animation Head

Akshay KG

UX/UI Designer

Naveen Boktapa

Film & Animation Consultant


Business Head

Eunice Hepzibah

Brand Design & Design Thinker


GoaFest Advertising Awards 2016

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Animated Film

Adobe award for 2016 in design

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International Music Awards

Whitebone – By Majolly Project


Adobe award for 2016 in design

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Work is Love Made Visible.

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