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Wakeup, a prominent furniture brand known for its exceptional quality and personalized touch, faced a significant challenge in the digital era – enhancing their online presence and creating a seamless user experience for their customers. The existing e-commerce platform lacked a user-friendly interface, making it difficult for customers to navigate and customize furniture as per their preferences. Additionally, the website was not mobile-responsive, leading to a suboptimal experience for users accessing it from smartphones and tablets. To maintain their position as a leader in the furniture industry and attract a broader customer base, Wakeup sought to revamp their e-commerce platform with an improved UX and UI design.


The Wakeup team collaborated with Headless Hippies team of experienced UX and UI designers to craft a comprehensive solution for their e-commerce platform. The primary focus was on creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface, reinforcing the brand positioning as “Mann ka Furniture” (Furniture of the Heart), while ensuring that the website was optimized for both desktop and mobile users.


  1. The revamped Wakeup e-commerce platform successfully addressed the brand’s challenges and achieved following results:
  2. Improved UX: The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation increased engagement and time spent on the website.
  3. Increased Customization: The customization tool drove higher customer engagement, with more users personalizing their furniture selections.
  4. Enhanced Mobile Shopping: The mobile-responsive design attracted a broader audience of mobile shoppers.
  5. Higher Conversion Rates: Streamlined checkout and improved experience contributed to increased conversion rates.
  6. Strengthened Brand Positioning: The modern and visually appealing design reinforced Wakeup’s unique brand identity as “Mann ka Furniture.”


This case study highlights the success of Wakeup’s e-commerce UX and UI redesign project. Faced with the challenge of improving their online presence and user experience, Wakeup collaborated with Headless Hippies team to revamp their platform. By introducing customization features, optimizing navigation, and ensuring mobile responsiveness, the brand witnessed remarkable results. The enhanced user experience led to increased engagement and conversions, while the modern and visually appealing design reinforced Wakeup’s unique brand positioning as “Mann ka Furniture.” The case study showcases how thoughtful design can transform an e-commerce platform and elevate a brand’s digital presence.


Our team devised an innovative approach to address the navigation challenge. We divided the navigation bar into three parts: the Brand category for “All Furniture” and “Premium Furniture,” a Customer Access Panel, and direct access to “Mann ka Furniture.” This reorganization made it effortless for users to browse and discover their desired products.

Key Features:

 1. Search Functionality: We placed  the search bar right at the top, ensuring users can quickly find specific products they’re looking for.
 2. Instagram-Style Access: Taking inspiration from Instagram stories, our design team implemented an easy- access module for product categories. Users can now browse through furniture options swiftly and intuitively.



We introduced a sophisticated product categorization feature, elevating the browsing experience at Wakeup E-commerce.

Clear Main Categories: Customers effortlessly access broad product categories – Living Room, Dining, Bedroom, and Home Office – right from the homepage.

Refined Subcategories: Further division into subcategories enables precise exploration, helping users find their desired furniture type with ease.

Efficient Search: A powerful search function allows instant access to relevant product categories and individual items, streamlining the browsing process.

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To enhance the shopping experience for the Beds category at Wakeup E-commerce, we implemented a progressive disclosure approach within the product categorization feature. Understanding that too much information can overwhelm users, we designed the Beds category page to progressively reveal product options.

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Our solution for the Beds category at Wakeup
E-commerce includes quick access to essential information for confident buying decisions. Clear and descriptive product titles, high-quality images, and informative summaries enable customers to identify the perfect bed swiftly. Transparent customer reviews, pricing, and promotions aid in informed choices.

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The product detail page was a canvas to showcase the intricate beauty of each bed. Deliberately chosen high-quality images, coupled with detailed descriptions and genuine customer reviews, painted a vivid picture for shoppers. As designers, we meticulously curated this page, ensuring that customers could visualize their potential purchase in their own personal space, thereby boosting confidence in their selection.

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In our quest for elevated usability, we introduced a floating “Add to Cart” button, a subtle yet powerful design addition. The button’s strategic placement followed customers as they explored the page, eliminating any friction in the buying process. Our aim was to create a sense of seamless interaction, keeping customers engaged and in control of their shopping journey.

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The checkout experience was a symphony of design and functionality. Our user-centric approach prioritized efficiency and transparency. As customers progressed through the checkout, our design ensured that the process felt intuitive and trustworthy, culminating in a secure and seamless transaction. By removing unnecessary steps and simplifying the layout, we encouraged conversions and strengthened customer trust in Wakeup E-commerce.


“Mann ka Furniture,” an innovative feature at Wakeup that allows customers to personalize their furniture and express their unique identity. By offering a wide range of customization options, from materials and colors to dimensions and special touches, “Mann ka Furniture” became a canvas for creativity, empowering customers to unleash their imagination. The personalized journey enabled customers to design furniture that perfectly complemented their lifestyle and spaces, making their dreams a reality. This powerful feature not only increased customer satisfaction but also fostered brand loyalty and advocacy. “Mann ka Furniture” revolutionized the furniture shopping experience at Wakeup, making it a journey of self-expression and emotional connection with our brand.


Expected outcome

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