We are more from
the heart, less from the head.

Overthinking happens in the head. Intuition, love and courage come from the heart. At Headless Hippies, we let our hearts lead our heads in questioning everything, searching for insights and leaping into new ideas. This is how we elevate creativity from commodity to a way of life. This is how we make brands real. This is how we create great design.



To give brands more meaning, we design around the people who use them. The beginning’s always a great place to start. That’s why we circle back to the consumer’s need for the product, how it’s used, how it’s made, and finally, how it can be made better

It’s not bioinspiration.
It’s biomimicry.

Our design thinking process is grounded in Nature’s solutions. Nature doesn’t just resolve a problem; she evolves a solution. Nothing is wasted, everything is in sync, and the world’s a better place for it. So, who better to learn from?

The big picture.
The finer details & Everything in between.

Every solution is designed to evolve the brand and build long-term relationships with consumers. Websites, logos, packaging, apps, the works – they’re part of a greater, continuous dialogue with consumers. By treating everything as part of an ecosystem, we make the conversation more meaningful.


Vibin K Venugopal

Director & Co-Founder

After several years in advertising (try not to  hold against him), Vibin setup Headless Hippies to focus purely on design. Nonetheless, he can often be distracted by tea and great conversation. To his credit, he always steers the topic to design. His love for nature, constant quest of how things work makes his work more experimental. He has built several brands from FMCG, Food and Beverages, Education, Fashion and lifestyle to Agri-Tech. He helps companies discover their story so that people can come closer to the brand everyday.

Abhilash K

Director & Co-Founder

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Maybe that’s why he’s man of few. Watch Abhilash while he’s illustrating, and the word ‘Zen’ comes to mind. With a Master’s from IIT Mumbai’s Industrial Design Centre, Abhilash is the artist behind illustrations for Paper Boat, Koala and Cuweeosity. Enough said.


Your story finds its voice with us.​