Solis Health – Making healthcare more humane




When Ms. Bhairavi Madhusudhan Shibulal, the founder of Solis Health, witnessed a loved one’s battle with cancer, she was inspired to create a cancer-care brand guided by empathy and human-centric care. The challenge for Headless Hippies (HH), a brand design boutique, was to showcase and build a narrative for Solis Health, a one-of-a-kind cancer support center in India, highlighting its unique principles of compassion and patient-centered healthcare.


Headless Hippies successfully crafted a unique positioning and visual identity for Solis Health, establishing it as a pioneering cancer support center in India.


Solis Health, founded in 2023 by Ms. Bhairavi Madhusudhan Shibulal, is a dedicated healthcare solutions brand in India that supports cancer patients, caregivers, and their loved ones throughout their treatment journey. With a people-centric approach and a focus on humanizing healthcare, Solis Health stands out as a beacon of hope and empathy.


Solis Health is a cancer support center in India that aims to provide compassionate and comprehensive care, education, guidance, and treatment for cancer patients. Affiliated with Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, Solis Health focuses on making healthcare more humane and empathetic.


Launched in 2023 by founder Ms. Bhairavi Madhusudhan Shibulal, Solis Health is a one-of-a-kind people-centric healthcare solutions brand in India. It is affiliated with the internationally renowned Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and strives to offer support, counselling, and assistance to cancer patients, their caregivers, and their loved ones throughout the course of the treatment.

Design Scope
1) Translate its mission of human-centric healthcare through its brand identity
2) Present a hopeful, positive, and optimistic outlook to patients and their caregivers

3) Create a distinct brand that makes healthcare humane.

Since the brief had multiple steps, here is how HH went through the process. Let us dive into each step.

STEP 1: Discovering the Brand Core




THE CAREGIVER – THE EMPATHIC GUARDIAN : The Caregiver persona embodies the core values of Solis Health, representing empathy, compassion, and unwavering support for cancer patients and their loved ones. This persona is deeply committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where patients feel cared for and understood. The Caregiver takes on the responsibility of guiding and empowering patients throughout their treatment journey, offering a human-centric approach that fosters a sense of hope and positivity. Their dedication to making healthcare more humane makes them the heart and soul of Solis Health.

THE PATIENT – THE SUNLIT WARRIORS : The Patient persona represents the individual seeking solace and healing in their battle against cancer. They are at the center of all endeavors at Solis Health, where their emotional well-being and comfort are paramount. The Patient persona seeks a supportive and optimistic environment, and Solis Health strives to be the warm and guiding sunflower that brings light and positivity into their lives. With a focus on holistic care and personalized treatment, the Patient persona finds reassurance and strength in the nurturing embrace of Solis Health.


The Caregiver archetype plays a pivotal role in the success of Solis Health, the unique cancer support center in India. Embodying empathy, compassion, and a deep commitment to helping others, the Caregiver archetype aligns perfectly with Solis Health’s mission of providing human-centric healthcare solutions. As a Caregiver brand, Solis Health is known for its supportive and attentive approach, aiming to create a positive impact in the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones. By prioritizing patient well-being, providing comprehensive care, and fostering an inclusive and empathetic environment, Solis Health stands out as a beacon of hope and a trusted source of comfort for those navigating the challenging journey of cancer treatment.


The sunflower served as a profound source of inspiration for Headless Hippies (HH) when creating the brand story for Solis Health. Drawing parallels between the sunflower and the brand’s philosophy, HH realized the striking resemblance between the sunflower’s motion with the sun and Solis Health’s dedication to moving alongside the patients and caregivers. Just as the sunflower follows the sun’s movement, Solis Health is designed to keep the human at the core of healthcare. The brand’s commitment to providing support, hope, and compassion throughout the patient’s journey aligns perfectly with the sunflower’s symbolism of warmth and guidance. This powerful association shaped the brand narrative, conveying a story of a caring and nurturing healthcare environment, where Solis Health stands as a beacon of hope, leading the way with empathy and understanding for those seeking comfort and healing in their battle against cancer.

STEP 2: Creation of the Brand “Solis Health”

To translate the essence of the brand, HH helped finalize the name ‘Solis Health,’ which means the sun in Spanish, symbolizing warmth, life-giving, guiding, and encouraging qualities. The sunflower served as inspiration for the logo, representing hope, compassion, and the human-centric approach of the brand.

Designing the Brand Logo and Identity

The logo incorporated colored ribbons representing different types of cancer, showcasing Solis Health’s commitment to a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care. The colors in the ribbon were thoughtfully arranged to evoke positive emotions and provide a happy experience for patients.

Dynamic Logo

Headless Hippies creatively utilized the concept of cancer ribbons to design a dynamic logo for each cancer type, representing a diverse range of cancers. Each ribbon, symbolizing a specific type of cancer, was integrated into the logo design in a visually striking and meaningful way. The colors and arrangement of the ribbons were carefully chosen to reflect the unique characteristics of each cancer while maintaining cohesion within the overall branding. This approach allowed Solis Health to effectively communicate its commitment to supporting patients across various types of cancer while also providing a recognizable visual identity for each specific cancer type.

STEP 3: Brand Imagery

HH designed a minimalistic, artistic, and positive visual language, keeping patients’ emotions and experiences in mind. Cancer ribbons were creatively combined in various brand collaterals, symbolizing Solis Health’s continuous support throughout patients’ treatment journeys. The visual identity aimed to create a happy and hopeful atmosphere, avoiding any elements that could trigger fear or anxiety.

STEP 3: Impact

Today, Solis Health has a thriving facility in Bengaluru, with extensive partnerships and teleconsultation services covering numerous cities and towns in India. It has successfully built a large and supportive Solis community, empowering and guiding patients during their challenging times. Solis Health’s human-centric approach has brought about real change and made a lasting impact on cancer patients’ lives.

Through its unique positioning and visual identity, Solis Health has become a trailblazer in the field of cancer care in India. By embracing empathy and human-centered principles, Solis Health has succeeded in transforming the healthcare experience for cancer patients, caregivers, and their loved ones. The brand’s commitment to providing comprehensive support and compassionate care has touched the lives of thousands and continues to make a positive difference in the fight against cancer. With a people-centric approach at its core, Solis Health is a shining example of how brands can truly connect with people through visual storytelling.