How traditional farming gave rise to a new revolution




Combining Niqo Robotics’ rebellious spirit and revolutionary vision with the values of innovation and sustainability to create a compelling and visually captivating brand identity that resonates with farmers and disrupts the norms of the robotics industry.


A dynamic and evocative brand identity that captures Niqo Robotics’ rebellious ethos, empowers innovative farmers, and drives positive change in the agricultural industry. The visual storytelling approach successfully brings Niqo Robotics closer to its audience, leaving a legacy of transformation and progress.


In this case study, we delve into the collaboration between Niqo Robotics, a pioneering robotics solutions company, and Headless Hippies, a brand design boutique studio specializing in visual storytelling. The challenge was to create a compelling brand identity for Niqo Robotics that captures its rebellious spirit, disrupts industry norms, and resonates with its target audience‚ÄĒinnovative farmers seeking tech-enabled solutions. Headless Hippies took on the task of translating Niqo Robotics’ vision into a visually engaging narrative, resulting in a dynamic and evocative brand identity.

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Niqo Robotics, founded in 2015, is at the forefront of the tech-enabled Agricultural Revolution. The company aims to liberate the farming ecosystem from unsustainable practices and unreliable labor through AI-powered robotics. With a commitment to precision farming, Niqo Robotics offers solutions across all major farming phases, from preparation and sowing to harvesting and packing. The brand’s rebellious spirit challenges conventional farming methods and embraces innovation to empower farmers and transform the industry.

Since the brief had multiple steps, here is how HH went through the process. Let us dive into each step.

Step 1: Discovering the Brand Core

Discovering the Brand Values and Attributes

Headless Hippies began by immersing themselves in Niqo Robotics’ brand values. The values of courage, openness, purposefulness, and ingenuity were identified as the foundation of the brand’s identity. These values reflect the brand’s commitment to challenging norms, fostering transparency, and thinking creatively, which became the cornerstones of the visual storytelling approach.


To revolutionize agriculture through robotic innovation.


Build accessible & reliable robots for sustainable farming.


To create a genuine connection with Niqo Robotics’ target audience, Headless Hippies developed a deep understanding of the farmers’ persona. The farmers were portrayed as adventurous risk-takers and innovators seeking sustainable and unconventional solutions to transform the farming landscape.


Embracing the Outlaw brand archetype, Niqo Robotics’ rebellious and unconventional spirit was highlighted. This archetype resonated with the brand’s rebellion against industry norms and its determination to disrupt traditional farming practices through technology and innovation.



Headless Hippies crafted a compelling brand positioning statement, encapsulating Niqo Robotics’ mission to liberate stakeholders in the farming ecosystem through an AI-powered robotics revolution. The brand story emphasized Niqo Robotics’ commitment to empowerment, collaboration, and positive change within the agricultural industry.


A branded house strategy was employed, with the Niqo brand name encompassing all products and services. Sub-brands were aligned under the Niqo umbrella, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable brand identity across all offerings.

Step 2 - Designing the Brand Logo & Identity

Drawing inspiration from Niqo Robotics’ rebellious ethos, Headless Hippies designed a logo that embodies the essence of revolution and liberation. The flag motif was chosen as a central element, symbolizing unity, freedom, and progress. The incorporation of the VAE data visualization grid added a cutting-edge and technological aspect to the logo, reflecting Niqo Robotics’ commitment to advanced solutions.

Step 3 - Brand Imagery

Visual Storytelling Elements

Headless Hippies infused Niqo Robotics’ brand identity with dynamic, tiled, and wavy graphic elements. These design elements added energy and movement, reflecting the innovative and transformative nature of the brand. The use of rectangles as building blocks created a distinctive graphic reminiscent of the flag logo, further reinforcing the rebellious spirit.


A photography style was developed, focusing on clean and uncluttered backgrounds with dark tones that challenge the status quo. Lighting techniques highlighted product features and details, showcasing their technological prowess. Creative compositions captured the scale and significance of the products, emphasizing their role in the agricultural revolution.


The collaboration between Niqo Robotics and Headless Hippies resulted in a compelling and evocative brand identity that captures the brand’s rebellious spirit, innovative solutions, and commitment to positive change. The visual storytelling approach successfully brought Niqo Robotics closer to its audience, resonating with innovative farmers who seek unconventional and tech-enabled solutions. The brand now stands as a beacon of empowerment, collaboration, and disruption within the agricultural industry, leaving a lasting legacy of change and progress.