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Brands can be aloof, intimidating, trivial, humorous, empathetic . . . just like people. We look beyond the labels that brands wear. To see what makes them tick. What moves their spirit. We’ll help your brand discover its purpose and tell its story. Translating the core into strategy and design. Above all, we’ll explore ways in which your brand can get closer to people every day.


Having a philosophy is fine. 
Here’s how we’ve made it work.


Having a story alone is not enough. We have helped over 50 brands uncover their unique voice and purpose with our facilitated workshops and helped them discover their brand story. We go beyond aesthetics, by creating an identity that resonates with your audience.

This is where the real story telling begins. We have helped brands seamlessly integrate their brand narrative and visual storytelling with seamless user experience through their websites and apps. We understand the medium is the message.

Build brands nature’s way

At Headless Hippies, we uniquely shape brand narratives by borrowing inspiration from nature through biomimicry. Our approach taps into the essence of your brand, creating stories that resonate deeply, fostering a collective mindset. Join us for storytelling that mirrors the harmony and authenticity found in the natural world.

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Your story finds its voice with us.