The way
we work.

For us, design is a journey, rather than a destination. We love the process, the detailing, the painstaking craftsmanship, over the outcome. That’s why we call our approach to good design, Design Thinking. What does that mean? It means starting every design with process. It means understanding users’ needs, from the what to why and how, arriving at insights and ideas that resonate with us, and also with real users; and finally, it results in an experience. And Design Thinking is the need of the hour. For not just us, but clients too. Before you jump into running a business and learning on-the-go, you must consider: is this product or brand useful to consumers? That single question can change your process, and thus the consumer’s experience. And brands that know their consumers’ needs are better placed to help us create brand experiences for them. With Design Thinking, Headless Hippies uses processes to help companies balance customer needs and brands objectives on the journey to memorable experiences.