At Headless Hippies, we offer unlimited growth prospects to our team mates, in a very unique and transparent Career Advancement Model. This model is the result of our faith and philosophy of creating equal opportunities to our team.

Many of our teammates join us as Trainees. They are given an opportunity to work under experienced employees and creative directors on real projects. This exposure brushes their skills and helps them to be mature and ready to take up independent projects.

Talented trainees who prove their skills by the end of their training period are usually absorbed as Employees for a salary. Once they successfully complete their probation period of 6 months, they could move to the next level. This is purely based on a very strict evaluation method.

Employees who have the necessary skills, integrity, enthusiasm and an ability to take up more responsibilities, could be offered an opportunity to become Associates. There will be associates in each department or division (Branding, Illustration, UX/UI, etc).They continue to get the salary that was assured earlier as a minimum guarantee, but to enable higher earning potential, each project assigned to them has a very generous fee component that is announced to the associate. This fee option enables an unlimited earning potential. How much an associate makes depends on how much work he or she takes up and complete in a span of time. Ex. If 2 projects are awarded to an associate with a value of 2 lacs and the work is completed in 3 months, the associate makes 2 lacs in 3 months and the salary paid during these 3 months is considered as an advance payment. Balance amount will be credited to the associate’s account. In short the associates get their salary amount or project fees whichever is higher. Associates have the freedom to make decisions on additional resources like trainees, interns, employees etc as and when needed to execute the work.

As a division performs extremely well and achieves the predefined volumes and when Associates have built up a team in place to execute work independently under them, they could be invited to be a Partner (not stakeholder). Partners get a higher share of the revenue and can have multiple Associates under them.

Headless Hippies facilitate growth of a person who joins the organization and do not stop even a partner from growing further. As a partner builds and runs their division independently and proves their talent, integrity and loyalty, they could be invited to join as a Director (stakeholder) in the company. Indeed there will be a consideration for the shares he/she has to buy from the company.

We have put this model in practice from the 1st of October, 2022 and former employees are now earning substantially more than they used to do before.