The UX/UI design of Nugenomics posed two significant challenges. Firstly, the team had to find a way to present complex genetic information and map them in an engaging and accessible format. The goal was to make genetic analysis comprehensible to users with varying levels of scientific knowledge, empowering the users to use the insights effectively in their wellness journey.
Secondly, ensuring a secure and user-friendly platform for handling genetic data was crucial. The design team focused on creating a robust and trustworthy app infrastructure to protect users’ sensitive genetic information, fostering confidence and trust among users.


The outcome of Nugenomics is a testament to its effectiveness in fostering positive lifestyle changes and empowering users on their wellness journey. With more than 70 individuals reversing their diabetes, achieving sustainable weight loss, and embracing healthier lifestyles, Nugenomics has become a true game-changer in the field of holistic wellness and DNA-based diet recommendations.

The Concept

Nugenomics introduces “Nu-ron,” your friendly avatar on the path to wellness. To make health goals enjoyable, we’ve personified veggies and fruits as adorable characters, adding fun and engagement to the journey. Nu-ron learns about your preferences and lifestyle, offering personalized recommendations, while the charming characters bring joy to your wellness adventure. Together, let’s unlock the power of your DNA and make wellness simple, engaging, and light-hearted. Welcome to Nugenomics, where every step towards a healthier you is a delightful experience!

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Nugenomics is a visionary mobile app that empowers users to achieve holistic wellness by tapping into the power of their DNA. With its core mission of unlocking DNA’s potential, the app offers comprehensive blood and DNA analysis to provide personalized diet recommendations tailored to each individual’s health goals. Through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Nugenomics enables users to gain insights into their genetic makeup and make informed decisions about their well-being.

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Know Your Gene

In the Nugenomics app, “Know Your Gene” is the foundation of your holistic wellness journey. Through advanced DNA analysis, the app unveils the secrets hidden within your genetic makeup. Discover valuable insights about your metabolism, nutrient absorption, and food sensitivities, empowering you to understand your body on a deeper level. The user-friendly interface presents this complex genetic information in a clear and accessible format, making it easy for individuals of all backgrounds to comprehend and apply to their health goals. Armed with this knowledge, you can now make informed choices about your diet and lifestyle, aligning them with your genetic predispositions for optimal well-being.

Make my Plate

With Nugenomics’ delightful “Make My Plate” feature, maintaining a healthy diet becomes a breeze. Easily track your food intake by selecting from a diverse range of recommended diet plans or create your own plate. As you build personalized meal plans, you’ll learn how to achieve the perfect balance of micro and macronutrients. Nu-ron, your friendly avatar, provides invaluable tips and recommendations based on your genetic analysis, guiding you towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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Bio Hacks

Nugenomics goes beyond conventional wellness apps by offering advanced “Bio Hacks Recommendation” tailored to your genetic profile. Explore personalized tips and strategies to optimize your well-being, ranging from sleep routines to stress management techniques, all based on your unique genetic traits.



The app also provides “Superfoods Recommendation,” highlighting nutrient-rich foods that align perfectly with your genetic makeup. Unlock the power of nature’s nutritional treasures, enhancing your diet to support your health goals effectively.

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Moreover, Nugenomics includes a robust “Activities Tracking” feature that accurately calculates the calories burnt during your physical activities. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a jog, or enjoying a leisurely walk, the app keeps you informed about your progress and helps you stay on track.



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The Outcome

The outcome of the Nugenomics app has been nothing short of remarkable. With its groundbreaking approach to holistic wellness through DNA-based diet recommendations, the app has positively impacted the lives of more than 70 individuals who were able to reverse their diabetes, shed excess weight, and sustain their health journey successfully.

Through the personalized insights provided by Nugenomics, these users gained a profound understanding of their genetic makeup, metabolism, and nutrient absorption. Armed with this knowledge, they were able to make informed choices about their diet and lifestyle, aligning them with their unique genetic predispositions.