How can a sleepyhead also be a Jester?




Headless Hippies, a brand design agency passionate about bringing brands closer to people through visual storytelling, took on the task of building a young and quirky lifestyle brand. The client wanted to launch a mattress-in-a-box product and transition to a home decor brand that would appeal to modern millennials.


After a rigorous 21-hour brand positioning exercise, Headless Hippies successfully created the brand “Sleepyhead.” The new brand quickly gained traction and managed to raise ₹200 crore in funding, with support from prominent investors like Lighthouse and Norwest Venture Partners. Sleepyhead’s unique positioning as a Jester archetype, coupled with its focus on creating human-centered experiences, allowed it to connect with its target audience in a meaningful and engaging way.


Sleepyhead, an established player in the sleep solutions industry, sought to expand its reach by venturing into the home decor and lifestyle market. Through a strategic brand identity workshop, HH identified the Jester archetype as the perfect fit for the new brand, given its playful and entertaining personality. The brand’s core values of empathy, honesty, creativity, dynamism, happiness, and joy were carefully crafted to resonate with its target audience, the HappySmarts—individuals seeking fun and fabulous living experiences.

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Sleepyhead emerged as an exciting lifestyle brand that aimed to redefine how people perceive sleep and home decor. The brand’s vision was to bring joy and creativity into everyday living, while its mission was to create accessible human-centered experiences that make home decor easy and exciting.


Headless Hippies (HH), a creative agency specializing in brand design, took on the challenge of launching an exciting lifestyle brand for an established sleep solutions company. The objective was threefold: introduce the concept of portable mattresses, promote conversations about sleep, and craft a young and quirky brand personality. HH embarked on a comprehensive journey, beginning with creating the brand identity for the company itself, designing a captivating logo, and infusing it with a unique personality. Additionally, they meticulously crafted the creative identity of the mattress-in-a-box product from inception to completion. The result was a vibrant and engaging brand, perfectly tailored to capture the attention of the modern and adventurous consumer.

Design Scope

Step 1: The brand identity workshop that led to identifying the brand archetype – ‘Jester’
Step 2: Creation of the brand ‘sleepyhead’ and its logo
Step 3: Design brand imagery and visuals 

Since the brief had multiple steps, here is how HH went through the process. Let us dive into each step.

Step 1: Discovering the Brand Core

HH conducted a brand identity workshop, ultimately identifying Sleepyhead as a Jester archetype. This discovery allowed the brand to differentiate itself from established competitors and build a connection with its audience. The core values and attributes of the brand were crafted, encompassing empathy, honesty, creativity, dynamism, happiness, and joy. Sleepyhead’s brand positioning was centered around the concept of “fabulous living,” reflecting sophistication, glamour, and playful designs.


As part of the brand design exercise, Headless Hippies uncovered Sleepyhead belived Life is too short for boring decor. At Sleepyhead, they were dedicated to infusing joy and creativity into every home. Their ultimate vision was to MAKE EVERYDAY LIVING FUN AND FABULOUS through the introduction of unique and playful designs that perfectly matched the individual’s personality and style.


Driven by a strong sense of purpose, Sleepyhead’s mission was clear: to create human-centered experiences that were accessible to everyone, ensuring that each person could enjoy a home that was both functional and fabulous. Sleepyhead was committed to designing products that not only served practical purposes but also added beauty and excitement to the living space. By focusing on ease and excitement in home decor, they aimed to make the entire experience enjoyable and hassle-free for their customers.


HH with their brand manager Deepthi redefined the brand persona of HappySmarts, representing individuals who prioritize their happiness while making thoughtful choices. HappySmarts are young, modern couples from non-metro areas who experiment with new ideas and trends. They maximize comfort while leading a trendy and luxurious lifestyle within their means. Their homes are curated expressions of themselves, projecting a sense of joy and creativity through trendy decor and furnishings. They value clear criteria for their purchases and are satisfied with high-quality products that meet their requirements.


Through the brand identity workshop, HH discovered that the Jester archetype best represented Sleepyhead. The Jester brand persona is playful, creative, daring, and spontaneous, known for engaging audiences through humor and satire. Sleepyhead’s Jester personality appealed to millennials seeking an escape from the monotony of everyday life, making the brand more relatable and approachable.


FABULOUS LIVING: Sleepyhead stands for fabulous living, offering an environment that exudes sophistication and glamour, whether customers prefer classic elegance or contemporary chic. They are committed to spreading joy and making everyday living a fun and fabulous experience through attention to detail in our products.

Step 2: Designing the Brand Logo & Identity

HH carefully designed the Sleepyhead logo using the Migrena Grotesque typeface and a unique color combination. The logo featured a wordmark with a bold lowercase letter “e” replaced by a closed eye, evoking a sense of comfort and relaxation

Step 3: Brand Imagery​

The brand imagery of Sleepyhead exuded the essence of a young and quirky lifestyle brand that resonated with a discerning customer base. These customers were not only conscious of the importance of good sleep but also deeply valued clean and well-organized living spaces. They embraced the concept of portability, appreciating the flexibility and convenience it brought to their lives. This forward-thinking audience was open to exploring innovative solutions and had the confidence to purchase a mattress online, breaking away from traditional norms.

To cater to this unique customer segment, the brand imagery adopted a vibrant and playful approach. It featured visually appealing and eye-catching designs that showcased the brand’s youthful personality. Sleepyhead’s visuals showcased a fusion of creativity and functionality, striking a perfect balance between style and substance.

Incorporating images of trendy and well-curated living spaces, the brand imagery depicted a contemporary lifestyle that was aspirational yet relatable. The photos captured homes adorned with chic accent walls, trendy decor, and stylish furnishings, perfectly reflecting the HappySmarts’ desire for a modern and luxurious living experience.