Creative Agency – Headless Hippies

Sleepyhead Brand Identity


To create a brand identity that is distinct from other mattress brand which mainly focuses on sleeping well and staying healthy, Sleepyhead wanted to focus more on making sleep a lifestyle habit. Making the brand more vibrant, colourful and yet minimal that appeals to a millennial audience.


Our idea was to position Sleepyhead as the go-to brand for all home comfort products.Everyone has a comfort zone. Whether it’s their bed, sofa, casual clothes, ice cream at night – this is where or when they feel warm, safe and cozy. People prioritize their comfort zone and take care of it. They keep the things they need close to this zone, within reaching distance. Sleepyhead’s value and brand promise to customers lies in helping them create this comfort zone, in which they feel secure and taken care of. Sleepyhead is with customers in capturing and celebrating their excitement, and turning home into a Comfort Zone.



Sleepyhead is now known for it’s lively, vibrant imagery and Sleepyhead became the 2nd best selling mattress on Amazon and Flipkart in just 2 years.

Customers started recognising the brand with the orange and white colour theme.

Sleepyhead as a brand has stood out of the cluttered visual style which dominated the mattress and sleep industry with it’s active lifestyle imagery

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