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Sleepyhead Sense


A mattress that absorbs body heat and releases back to your body when the body is cold to maintain optimum sleep temperature. It’s called the PCM or the Phase Change Cooling technology. The brief was to communicate visually this cool science of Sleepyhead Sense Mattress. While every other brand was working on the idea of sweat free mattress we were asked find an insight which seperates Sleepyhead Sense from the competitors.


Our Idea was to call Sleepyhead Sense as “The Cool Down Mattress”. A Mattress which gives you enough support and perfect place to cool down after a long day. We decided to showcase active lifestyle/ home workout and the entire ambience in cool colour scheme with a throw of Sleepyhead orange colours on props. This idea allowed us to explore a very different visual language with props camouflaged with the background bringing the focus clearly on the product and the models. 

Sense_0010_Layer 2


Sleepyhead is now known for it’s lively, vibrant imagery and Sleepyhead became the 2nd best selling mattress on Amazon and Flipkart in just 2 years.

Customers started recognising the brand with the orange and white colour theme.

Sleepyhead as a brand has stood out of the cluttered visual style which dominated the mattress and sleep industry with it’s active lifestyle imagery

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