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Koala Preschool


Koala is the brainchild of four visionary entrepreneurs, who like to be identified as academicians first. With years of experience in the field of education and business, the people behind Koala have come to believe that children are innately curious beings, and all that a pre-school needs to do is provide them with a suitable environment and the best infrastructure to drive their natural curiosity to learn.


For a child which starts with a zero mind, do not understand form, texture, volume etc. A child looks at everything as 2 dimensional. Their mind is not conditioned to look beyond prominent colours that appeal to them. Whereas parents see the same world with more details, they can understand and analyse the form, colour and texture. The attributes of the design is derived from 2 perspectives. 1. From the point of view of the parents | 2. From the point of view of the children. The overarching scheme or style that guides the design of Koala will give a unique but consistent look and feel to all the designs, which can describe choices for design aspects such as materials, colour schemes, shapes, patterns, textures, or layouts.



Awarded as the fastest growing preschool in India.

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