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Earth Souk

Nourishing Schools develops young changemakers aged between 9-14 years who can take charge of improving their own and their communities’ nutrition. The brief was to design Identity and tool kit toolkit that teaches children about improving nutrition in a fun and impactful manner, can be easily used to facilitate the nutrition programme at schools. It also enables communities to broaden agriculture’s focus from merely increasing incomes to improving both incomes and nutritional status.

The idea behind the identity was to show change and transformation. We used the idea of chinese tangrams to build a geometric logo which represented the idea of transformation of a seed to a tree. The orange 6 sided hexagon represented the idea of seed and the green square the transformation. We decided to create contrast with illustrations which are more pleasing and appealing and kid friendly. The 2 colours orange and green was used in various ways to create interactions, signs, to sync the entire spectrum of design elements. 


We designed a toolkit, which allowed for its easy adoption and implementation across schools, and eventually, states.

The process is collaborative, so that the organisations and schools that partner with Nourishing Schools can adopt its modules effectively. For example, teachers and students can share their feedback to improve its success. The true ownership of this programme and all credit for its success belongs to school principals who want to ensure a better future for the children, teachers who want to empower as well as educate, and changemakers who want to achieve sustainable improvements.



After one cycle of engaging with the toolkit:

The percentage of children who were thin and severely thin reduced from 28% to 14%.

The percentage of children who were severely anaemic reduced from 24% to 22%

The percentage of children who washed their hands with soap/ sanitiser increased from 46% to 78%

The percentage of children who said they could take charge of their nutrition increased from 78% to 92%

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