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When is the right time for startups to invest in a logo

We’ve put together a short list of when is the right time to invest in your brand and brand identity guidelines. These are the times when you must start considering logos, typography, colours, styles, and more.

Startups have multiple concerns. From getting their business off the ground and getting funding to establishing supply chains, distribution, service, and more. It’s a tough world and making sure that your idea sees the light of day in the format you intended in a journey in itself. 

In our considerable experience working with startups, we’ve realised that they often start the brand and brand identity process too late or too early. If the startup is marketing savvy, it tends to be the latter. And when they’re not familiar with the marketing or branding process, it is the former. 

We’ve put together a short list of when is the right time to invest in your brand and brand identity guidelines. These are the times when you must start considering logos, typography, colours, styles, and more. 

After your business model is ready, way ahead of your launch

When you have certainty in knowing how you will proceed with the commercial aspect of your business, when the critical questions have been answered, and you can see your path to a launch , that is a great time to start the branding process. Give yourself enough time to find the design firm, and enough time for the design firm to craft the right logo for you. 

Only when you are sure about your audience

It’s your startup, your vision, and your product. A design firm can help you iron out the kinks or refine your thinking – but ultimately you are the captain of the ship. Knowing your audience is essential to even beginning a business, as the end consumer will guide your entire journey. Starting logo and brand identity design is ideal when you know who your customer is – the design firm may adjust, tweak, or refine your focus, but that hinges on the bedrock of your knowledge.

When you have all the answers, plans and vision of your business in place

When you’re captain, you set the destination and course. Your navigator, the design firm, may help you adjust that course or ask you to consider changes. But certainty in terms of your vision and direction are crucial to laying the groundwork for brand identity and logo guidelines that will be relevant not just today, but for years to come. 

When you feel you have a story/idea to share

Sometimes, startups may wish to share their journey right from inception. The production, the heartbreak, the struggle – these are all highly relatable emotions that people connect to. At other times, startups may choose to launch in the midst of their journey. At whatever point you feel like you have something to share, you must start with the branding and brand identity guidelines first. This helps you steer clear of confusing your audience as well as communicating values, objectives, and brand image, right from the start. 

How can we help?

Headless Hippies helps startups narrow the field with the right personas that allows them to focus their marketing and branding budgets and goals, from the beginning. Many companies ask – who is the best logo designing company in Bangalore? But that is the wrong question. You should be asking – who can the best logo design in Bangalore for me? You need an agency that will tailor your logo design to your success and performance, instead of an aesthetic that flatters their own needs. 

Involving a good design company right from ideation of your product or service actually helps you lay a clear path. Design firms ask the right questions and challenge your own perceptions of product or consumer. We often get briefed by clients on what the product is, its features and how it works. We challenge their perception by asking questions like who this product is for? Why would anyone buy it? What is the importance of this product in the consumer’s life? How old are these customers? How will the product appeal to them? What is their age and gender? What do they do daily? What are the values of your company? What are the attributes? 

Are you ready to have your brand get noticed? Look through some logos and brand identities created by Headless Hippies. 


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